Gun Slings

Red JacketBlack and Foliage Sling, single point

Adjustable rifle or shotgun sling (HK-style attachments also available) made of 60 feet of paracord, also known as parachute cord or 550 cord. I use only the highest quality military grade, 7-strand inner core cord. Paracord has a million uses, something campers, military personnel, and survivalists have known for years. My personal guarantee is that if you ever need to unravel your sling in an actual survival situation, just send what’s left back to me and I’ll re-weave it or replace it for free.

This particular sling is made of OD Green with Multi Camo paracord. The sling attachments are screw-lock for security and fit any standard US swivel base. Straps are flat nylon webbing which has high abrasion resistance. The two straps pictured are OD Green and Black, and other colors are available including Woodland Camo.

Width is 1 and one quarter inch. Total length is 43 inches, adjustable down to 35 inches. I can also do just about any color combo, so just ask.

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