EnduraLoop Survival Tool

The 8 Legs EnduraLoop originated from an idea to incorporate several survival tools into a single compact piece of gear. Mounted on approximately 14 feet of paracord, it contains a Lighthound LED flashlight, a liquid-filled compass with rotating bezel, an Aerowave signal whistle, a 1/2 in. rust-proof, 40 lb. load capacity trigger snap hook, a FireSteel miniature ferro rod for fire starting with a glow in the dark ranger bead attached for easy finding(pic 3), and a hidden water-proof tinder bundle (pic 4). The EnduraLoop also makes for a secure key-keeper when out in the bush (pic 5).

My personal guarantee is that if you ever need to unravel your EnduraLoop in an actual survival situation, just send what’s left back to me and I’ll re-weave it or replace it for free.

Testimonials from users:

“We had to use the striker to cook food one time because we had no other flame.”

“The light is definitely helpful. I Used it as my tent light. We put em to the test and I’ll never camp without it.”

You can see more pics and testimonials on the 8 Legs Web Belts Facebook page.

Unlike many cheap, “throw away” LED lights, the EnduraLoop’s light stays on without having to continuously depress the button. This can come in handy because you can hang it by the clamp from inside a tent or over a work space for hands-free operation.

See a video demonstration here: